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Key findings from new research report – “Insurance Investment Outsourcing Opportunities & Performance - Bermuda 2023” covering:

  • A big picture view of what is driving investment outsourcing by Bermuda’s CIOs
  • What asset classes insurance CIOs outsource – and to which managers
  • What fees do Bermudian CIOs pay their managers for outsourced mandates
  • Why it pays to understand ownership structures of Bermuda insurers
  • Are Bermudian insurers’ investment professionals the world’s most astute investors?
  • How can asset managers win delegations in Bermuda with ESG / net-zero offerings
  • Beyond allocation – how Bermuda’s CIOs want more than just investing skills
  • Recent investment performance by Bermuda’s insurance groups

David Walker, Chief Analyst, Insurance Risk Data & Insurance Asset Risk
Phil Manley, Director, Insurance Risk Data

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Bermuda Insurance Investment Outsourcing and Performance Report 2023

Across 120 pages and 55 exhibits, this report provides pivotal market intelligence on Bermuda's insurance CIOs performance and which asset managers they use. It unpacks the vibrant outsourcing going on at Bermudian insurers, explains what asset managers need to win business, examines key trends in delegations, and how managers can expect to be paid by insurers for their work.

Covering both intra-group and external mandates managers, various proprietary terms of their engagements, asset classes being run, and other details of the insurer such as asset size, investment returns, fees, ownership structures and more.

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Insurance Investment Outsourcing Opportunities Report - Europe and UK 2023

The fifth comprehensive annual report on how insurers in Europe and UK, (including Lloyd’s syndicates), invest and outsource their investing activity. 300 pages and 150 exhibits, providing analysis on themes and including details such as size of General Account and unit-linked assets, mandates, managers used, details of mandates, mandate/manager changes and names of investment decision-makers. Over one thousand acts of outsourcing by CIOs revealed. Ideal for investment managers, asset managers and consultants involved in insurance investment strategy, planning, analysis, research, business development, sales and marketing. A report purchase includes PDF report, Excel Data Chartbook and access to an analyst to discuss report findings.

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Essential data and analysis to inform strategy, covering topical themes such as insurance investment outsourcing, ESG and motor insurance. Reports typically include data sourced from Insurance Risk Data as well as national regulators, EIOIPA, proprietary surveys and in-depth interviews with chief investment officers and actuaries. Each report includes an Excel data chartbook.


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Bespoke independent insurance data and research projects, including Country Reports, Bespoke Benchmarking Reports, insurance investment analysis, sector analysis, Solvency II data, M&A research and more. With access to a global network of expert reporters, analysts and researchers, Insurance Risk Data offers affordable, flexible data and research solutions. Bespoke solutions tailored to your need and budget.


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Additional reports include Bermuda and Swiss Financial Condition Reports (FCRs) and Lloyds Syndicates financial reports

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