The essential database for analysing financial and regulatory company data from new Solvency II disclosures, SFCRs and QRTs

About us

Insurance Risk Database is a powerful new tool for researching and analysing European insurance companies and their markets. Providing a complete picture of Solvency II public disclosures our service is ideal for insurers and reinsurers looking to benchmark themselves against peers, identify market opportunities and anticipate issues as well as for banks, consultancy firms, asset management companies and others actively involved with the European insurance industry.

Europe’s Solvency II new public disclosure rules, effective 2017, require for the first time insurance companies to disclose annual data in a standardized format, giving greater transparency and insight into company and market performance.

Insurance Risk Data contains data from 3,500+ European insurance companies plus a comprehensive digital library of SFCR Reports and complete QRT data with data visualisation and tools for exporting data and charts.

Our unique data dashboards and powerful data visualisation tools help users absorb information in new and constructive ways, spot patterns, outliers and identify emerging trends. Our comparison tool enables quick and easy comparison of peer groups, perfect for competitor analysis, benchmarking, investment analysis and M&A research.

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What’s included?

  • Standardized data for Europe’s top 200 insurance companies and their subsidiaries, including every cell of every QRT template, with easy-to-use tools allowing you drill-down and analyse the data to meet your exact needs.
  • Comprehensive and fully searchable library of 3,500+ SFRC Reports, at the click of a button, saving you the time and effort of manual searches and data entry.
  • Financial and solvency data including Solv II capital requirements and ratios, lines of business premiums, claims and expenses, technical provisions and balance sheet items.
  • Peer comparison tools, allowing you to easily research and analyse QRT data from peers and competitors and to easily compare up to four relevant SFCR Report narrative sections side-by-side on your screen, keeping you ahead of your competitors.
  • Unique interactive data dashboards for instant analysis by industry, region, company profile, group profiles and peer comparison.
  • Charting tools to create a variety of insightful and visually appealing charts perfect for presentations and reports.
  • Pivot table functionality to examine QRT data at a granular level.
  • Build custom reports and export data (into Excel) and charts, improving the quality and efficiency of your reporting.
  • Powerful filtering and data export tools for quick and easy export into Excel for your own analysis.

Insurance Risk Data is ideal for actuarial teams, risk officers, financial officers, investment officers, business development, investor relations, equity analysts, M&A, credit analysts, capital management and asset managers.

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