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Financial, investment and regulatory data and reports for over 3,000 insurers across UK, Europe and Bermuda. Includes Solvency II data and reports.

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Insurance General Account Benchmarking Report - EEA and Switzerland 2021

Insurance Risk Data’s annual Insurance General Account Benchmarking Report - EEA and Switzerland 2021 report + Excel data Chartbook has unrivalled insight into how insurers Europe-wide invest their general accounts, including in real assets.

Across 140 exhibits and 121 pages, the report details allocations to property, private equity, mortgages/loans and other asset classes by general account size bands, insurer country, type, Solvency II model, matching adjustment use, and more, in 2019 and 2020. With this report CIOs and their service providers have focused peer groups to benchmark portfolios and mandate plans.

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Insurance Investment Performance Report 2021

Europe and Bermuda Insurance Investment Performance Report – 2021, published now, has details and analysis of the 2020 general account investment returns, and allocation plans for 2021, including to real assets, from more than 200 insurers.

Across 173 pages and 144 exhibits the report provides unprecedented insight into how general accounts and CIOs in Europe, Bermuda and at Lloyd’s syndicates have performed. The report reveals numerous insurers’ allocations, top-ups and commencement plans for green/other infrastructure, property, and other real assets. There are also results of more than 1,000 investment sensitivity tests, and chapters dedicated to Bermudian insurers, fund-based investing and reinsurers.

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Comprehensive and user-friendly financial and solvency database


Insurance Risk Database

Comprehensive financial and solvency data and reports for 3,000+ European insurers. Tableau data-visualisation dashboards, pivot table views and Excel data export. Ideal for company comparisons, benchmarking, investment analysis, country/sector analysis, M&A research and more. Searchable library of 8,000+ reports, including Solvency & Financial Condition Reports (SFCRs), Financial Condition Reports (FCRs) and Lloyds Syndicates reports.


Research Reports

Essential data and analysis to inform strategy, covering topical themes such as insurance investment outsourcing, ESG and motor insurance. Reports typically include data sourced from Insurance Risk Data as well as national regulators, EIOIPA, proprietary surveys and in-depth interviews with chief investment officers and actuaries. Each report includes an Excel data chartbook.


Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke independent insurance data and research projects, including Country Reports, Bespoke Benchmarking Reports, insurance investment analysis, sector analysis, Solvency II data, M&A research and more. With access to a global network of expert reporters, analysts and researchers, Insurance Risk Data offers affordable, flexible data and research solutions. Bespoke solutions tailored to your need and budget.


SFCR report narratives

Comprehensive library of Solvency & Financial Condition Reports (SFCRs) for over 3,000 European insurers.

Unique SFCR Comparison tool to analyse reports on a side-by-side basis.

Additional reports include Bermuda and Swiss Financial Condition Reports (FCRs) and Lloyds Syndicates financial reports

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