Insurance Risk Database

Accurate and comprehensive insurance company data and insight

Insurance Risk Data is a powerful tool for researching and analysing European insurance companies and their markets. With data standardised from over 3,000 insurers in Europe and Bermuda, including a complete picture of Solvency II public disclosures our service is ideal for insurance company analysis, research and benchmarking.


Interactive data dashboards powered by Tableau data visualisation, allowing easy analysis by company, country, investments, peer groups and more. Access to annual solvency reports (SFCRs and FCRs) narratives and QRT data.


Easy export of solvency and investment data for 3,000 insurers from 34 countries in Europe and Bermuda. Includes all Solvency II data from the annual SFCR/QRT reports. Data exports into Excel, with multi-currency options

Ask an analyst

Our helpful team of data researchers and expert analysts is always at hand to answer queries about the data and to provide advice and assistance where needed.